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Larkspur CO

Perched on a picturesque knoll in Larkspur, Colorado is the primary residence on the Tazi Ranch property. The owners and our design team have given attention to every detail, and it shows. One of the unique aspects of this project are the elements in the main residence that reflect the home owners' Moroccan background. The home includes flat roofs, exposed steel beams, stone walls and extensive views through its floor-to-ceiling windows. The courtyard features steel panels that were specially designed and cut with a traditional Moroccan pattern. The exterior of the home has a variety of materials including: rusted patina metal panels, stucco, stone veneer and steel accents.

On a second area of the ranch, the owners wanted a barn, indoor riding arena, a guest cottage and a bunk house, a branch manager facility and the necessary support buildings for raising and working out their horses. The four buildings of the Equestrian Facility total over 25,000 square ft. The design of these buildings is both simple and unique. Rather than designing a typical barn and arena, the client wanted modern elements and steel accents that complement the main house and stay true to the client's design style.

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