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Concrete Tile Roofs

What is concrete tile made of? 

In simple terms, concrete tile is made from an approximate mix of 3 parts sand to 1 part cement and 10% water. Pigments may be added to the mix to disperse the color throughout the body of the tile or they may be concentrated onto the top surface of the tile in what is termed a slurry finish. The slurry coating gives us the opportunity to achieve a variety of bold colors whereas the integrally colored tiles, while not as bold in color, will retain their color on a more permanent basis.



How does concrete tile differ from clay tile? 

Although concrete tiles can give the appearance of a clay tile, they are manufactured using a completely different process. Concrete tiles are mixed and extruded into molds and then cured in chambers and open air to achieve their strength. Clay tiles are simply made from various mixtures of clay and water and are then fired at high temperature to achieve their strength and color. Both clay and concrete have excellent performance properties that make them the premier roofing materials in the world.

Concrete Tile Roof
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