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Boral Roofing Tile

Updated: Sep 20, 2021


Concrete tile is one of the most sustainable roofing systems in today’s market. Not only does Boral offer a wide variety of energy saving, reflective cool roof colors, their manufacturing process has a small carbon footprint and uses only naturally occurring and abundant resources. Their products contain no chemical preservatives, can substantially reduce energy consumption, and are up to 100% recyclable.

Boral Roofing’s concrete tiles offer Class A fire-rating, hail resistance*, heat and noise insulation, and can withstand winds of up-to 150 mph. Furthermore, we exclusively offer a line of innovative concrete tiles that remove smog and other pollutants from the atmosphere while inhibiting mold and algae growth.

BARCELONA - Buckskin

Roofing Tile


VILLA 900 - Cheyenne

(not from Boral certified training)

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