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Mission Tile, French Tile and Interlocking Tile

Updated: Sep 20, 2021


Tiley Roofing Co carries New tiles, along with salvaged tiles, some items even date to the late 1800's, and include tiles no longer produced. We also have salvaged mineral fiber cement shingles with fittings and several patterns of concrete tile along with fittings for restoration of older roofs common in the Midwest. We sell in all quantities and ship throughout the USA.


The new and salvaged historic vintage clay and concrete roofing tile in our inventory include the following popular patterns; Mission, Spanish, French, and Shingle. We also import beautiful hand made tiles from Europe, and we are also a distributor of high quality US tile products. We have manufacturing capability available for custom clay tiles and fittings for additions and repairs to historic structures. All tiles we sell are of excellent quality and suitable for use in all weather climates.


The new and salvaged tile fittings we carry include: hip rolls, hip starters, ridge starters, finishers, hip and ridge terminals, gable terminal starters and finishers, top closures, eave closures, end bands, and gable rakes for different tile patterns, both attached and detached. Some of the items shown may be available in several colors, glazes, and textures, including terracotta red, green, dull green and glazed green. We carry a large stock of new and salvaged roofing slate in various sizes and colors, including Buckingham-Virginia, Red, Purple, Vermont gray, Vermont Black. Copper "snow guards" for tile and slate roofing are also available from us.

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