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Paus Sky Roofing Crane

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Sky Worker PTK

The Paus Sky Worker, with a payload of up to 1,600 kg and a maximum extended length of 31 metres, is specifically constructed for roofers and carpenters. By using special aluminium profiles that slot into each other, the Paus Sky Worker will carry out all your transport tasks with ease. Four individual fold-away telescopic outtriggers enable the crane to be mounted even on narrow and uneven ground, like steps or high kerbsides. Another key feature is that the crane combines two functions in one machine and can also be used as a fully operational working platform.

Product Features

  • Fully hydraulic with extendable head jib

  • Closed aluminium profiles for greater stability

  • Extremely simple to control by remote control

  • Payload up to 1,600 kg

  • Magnificent driving and manoeuvrability

  • Extended length up to 31 metres in height

  • KTL-treated and powder-coated chassis including hollow-sealing.

  • Excellent lateral reach at maximum stability

  • 360° infinitely rotatable, even if fully loaded and in confined spaces

  • Ultra-versatile thanks to individually fold-away and telescopic outriggers

  • Ergonomic operator panel with integrated digital display and display of all relevant operational data

  • With a total weight of 3.5 tonnes, the Sky Worker can also be transported by car

  • Widely-opening doors for ease of access to engine components; outstanding noise emissions

  • Large 25 l fuel tank; low fuel consumption due to load-dependent engine speed regulation


  • The Sky-Worker with its working basket permits safe working up to a height of 27 metres and a basket load up to 250 kg.

  • it can also be transported with the working basket attached.

  • Comfort package: Ease of installation, thanks to automatic self-levelling setup from operator console.

  • Comfort package: Lowerable rear axle for improved manoeuvrability

  • Comfort package: Remote control hydraulic drive

If you are looking for a serious roofing crane that can be towed behind a truck then this is the crane for you.

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