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Wood Roof Replacement in Boulder, CO

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Boulder CO Wood Roof Material Prohibition

Homeowner Alternatives to Boulder CO Wood Roofs

Unless you live in a remote area with no access to media of any kind, you’ve most likely seen images of house fires. Maybe you’ve even seen one in person or experienced it in your own home. Boulder is, after all, no stranger to forest fires that can easily reach homes. In any case, a fire is the last thing any homeowner wants. However, the unfortunate truth is that different housing materials are not made equally, and therefore certain ones are more flammable than others. Wood roofing, for example, will burn much faster than that made with tile, slate or other materials.

As many Boulder homeowners already know, it is for these reasons that the city has mandated that all wood roofs must be replaced with fireproof roofing options by the end of 2014. Though the ordinance was passed in 1994, there are still many homeowners who have only recently become aware of it. Now that it is now 2013, the deadline remains only a year and a half away, and since it is difficult to do roof replacements during the winter months, Boulder residents aren’t left with a lot of time. So, if you are a Boulder city homeowner with a wood shake roof, what do you need to know, and what are your options?

City of Boulder CO Wood Roof Prohibition

Before taking any action, you first need to make sure you understand what exactly the ordinance requires. For example, the ordinance mandates that houses with “wood roofs” must be re-roofed with less flammable materials, but what exactly falls under the definition of a “wood roof”? Essentially, this includes wood shakes, wood shingles, wood composite or any other form of wood roof covering that contains at least 50 percent wood by volume. Even if that wood has received any kind of fire retardant treatment, it still has to go by 2014.

Wood Roof Replacement Cost?

Now, you’ve probably been wondering up to this point just how much replacing your wood roof is going to cost you. The bad news here is that yes, a roof replacement or upgrade of any kind is going to cost money. However, there is far more good news than bad news. Price varies depending on which roofing alternative you go with, and some are very affordable. Furthermore, having a less flammable roof may actually bring your homeowner’s insurance rate down, so that will actually help save you money in the long run. And of course, not having a wood roof will definitely help cut down on any damage and subsequent costs resulting from a fire.

Wood Roof Alternatives

You actually have several different roofing options, and it is important to know the pros and cons of each one— what’s best for your neighbor may not be best for you.

Asphalt Shingles Roofing

Asphalt roofing may be the best option if money is of concern. Asphalt roofs are inexpensive, durable, and they even come in a range of colors. For these reasons, this kind of roofing is one of the most popular options throughout North America. That being said, make sure you opt for fiberglass or “glass fiber” shingles as opposed to organic ones. While the organic asphalt shingles may sound like the environmentally smart choice, they actually use much more asphalt than fiberglass ones and are not very Earth friendly. Furthermore, the organic shingles do not resist fire nearly as well as fiberglass ones, so replacing your wood roof with them would basically defeat the purpose.

Much more environment-friendly is tile roofing. This alternative consists of concrete or clay shingles that are also very durable (the clay ones will cost a bit more though). Tile is still not one of the most commonly used roofing materials in the U.S., so if you like the unique look of your wood roof, you’ll be happy to know that tiles can also provide a welcome unique look among so many homes with asphalt or metal roofing. Tile is also less prone to rotting over time than asphalt roofing is.

Metal Roofing

On that note, metal roofing is indeed another alternative to wood. Again, this option is not as common as others, but that also helps set it apart and adds to your home’s unique beauty. Metal roofs now come in a variety of colors and styles. Keep in mind, however, that metal can get a bit noisy during hail or heavy rain, and though durable, it is not immune to dents and other wear and tear.

Synthetic "Wood" Shakes

Still, if you are really in love with your wood shake roof and are reluctant to part with it (and if you’re willing to spend more), you can check out synthetic “wood” shake options. This is a bit different than composite wood, which you have to be wary of since it may still contain over 50 percent wood. Instead, new technology is allowing manufacturers to create shake shingles that imitate wood but are actually crafted from fire- retardant synthetic polymers. Be sure to ask your roofing contractor about these if you are interested.

Always work with a professional Boulder roofing contractor

But of course, the best way to make sure your roof is up to regulation and will last as long as possible is to go with the pros. Professional roofing contractors can not only install your new roof and/or make the necessary alterations, but they can also help you decide which new roofing option is best. Furthermore, if you need your roof inspected either before or after the replacement, a professional roofer will be able to help, or at least point you in the right direction.

Contact Tiley Roofing - Colorado's Top Roofing Contractor

Regardless of which option you decide is best for you, keep in mind that you must have a fireproof roof by the deadline: January 1, 2014. If you do not, you could end up having to pay $1,000 fine and/or serve up to 90 days in jail. So, make that call today and take the first step in getting your roof up to regulation.

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